domingo, noviembre 04, 2007


Encontré este diccionario para las mamás que trabajan y me ha encantado tanto, que ahí se los voy a ir poniendo poquito por poquito, realmente hoy que me ha tocado trabajar todo el día y llegar ya tarde a la casa, he tenido que aprender muchas cosas, priorizar otras, realmente es una tarea bastante difícil.
Pero que les puedo decir? Hay que hacer la lucha verdad?
Aunque el trabajo es de lo más bonito y de verdad interesante, ya estaba tan acostumbrada a ver a mis monos que hasta ahorita, esa es la parte más difícil!

Pero bueno, ahi les dejo una parte del "diccionario" especialmente dedicada a todas las mamás que nos toca igual. Lo dejo en inglés, porque si lo traduzco, le voy a quitar el chiste!

APPLE PIE. A symbol of motherhood, but you probably have no time to make one. Purchase a pie, put it in the oven till authentically burnt at the edges, then sprinkle on sugar for that "homemade" look.

BABY. Deceptively helpless creature with remarkable hidden powers. Initially nocturnal, though compensates by making the world thrillingly new for adults, when they are sufficiently awake to notice.

CHOCOLATE. Often mistaken for luxury item; in fact, an indispensable tool of child rearing. Messiness/obesity factor far outstripped by efficacy as bribe.

DELEGATE. I know you're a woman and can do everything around the house better than anyone else, but if we don't let them try, how are they going to learn? And no, it's not a total disaster if Dad dresses the kids so they look like Eminem.

EDUCATIONAL. The word you use when your mother-in-law asks why the kids are watching so many videos.

FOOD. A food is not necessarily essential just because your kid hates it. Spinach can wait.

GUILT. Is to motherhood what rain is to Seattle. It's the prevailing climate. Carry an umbrella and make the most of occasional sunshine.

HUSBAND. A well-meaning individual often found reading a newspaper. Believes that when the toilet paper runs out it is restocked by the Toilet-Paper Fairy.

IRRITABLE. What do you mean, irritable? Who are YOU CALLING irritable!

JUGGLING. Ability to keep several things in air at once — kids, frying pan, dental appointments, sex life, cat food.

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